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Reach your target audience with useful system features and anti-spam email deliver technology, grow your business with emails!


Send the right email to the right people at the right time!

Regular Newsletters

After import lists, you can design great emails with the drag and drop editor. Send the campaigns and get detailed reports.

Scheduled Emails

Schedule one or more email campaigns and send automatically at different time.

ReTargeting Emails

Increase your impact rate by sending "only to those who don't open" a few days after sending campaign. It works great!

Marketing Automation

Send automatic e-mails to new members of your list with API link or to members you have grouped with existing contact filters.

Double Opt in Emails

To create your allow list, send a verification link to users who want to become a member of your list with the WordPress plugin.

Triggered Emails

Send triggered emails to the subscribers on their birthdays, subscription notifications or based on contact filters action.

Endless posibilities, full control!

Newsletter Design

Drag and drop email editor

Design visual and text content easily, send a test email before click send button.

Saved design modules

Create a design modules one time and use in your every newsletter designing process.

Newsletter libraries

Apart from the ready-made templates in the library, you can also save your own custom templates.

Image slicing

You can slice and add links on a image in built slicing feature in drag and drop editor.

Personalized content

Show or hide the images or texts in the content to the exact subscriber groups you want.

Dark mode test

Easily get how your email content looks in dark mode. Add alternative images for dark mode.

Custom HTML editor

Copy and paste your current HTML codes and continue edit on our HTML code editor.

Custom fonts

You can import your favorite custom fonts as links and use them in your email designs.

Send attachment

You can send an attachment files up to 1 MB with your email campaigns.

Contact Management

Unlimited contact storage

Add unlimited contacts and email lists to the system with Excel CSV type files.

Unsubscriber contacts

In accordance with the law, the system immediately blacklists unsubscribes.

Custom fields

Store more information in the system by creating custom fields that suit your needs.

Contact star rating system

See all the details of the people who opened the newsletters and their rating out of 5 stars.

Wordpress plugin

With the WP plugin, those who register from your website are add to your subscriber list.

User admins

Appoint different authorize level unlimited users in the system for your colleagues.

Invalid email addresses

Easily remove undelievered bounce mail addresses from the subscribers list.

Contact filters

By using contact filters, you can segment with unlimited possibilities and combine email lists.

Export contacts as CSV

Export all contacts, all unsubscribers, or specific lists.

Send Campaigns

Fast email delivery

You can send your e-mails to millions of recipients within a few hours.

Change images and URL

No worries! You can change images and links on newsletters after hit send button.

Send with 96 sending waves

The Sending Waves feature, you can divide huge email lists up to 96 waves and get high open rate.

Anti-spam certification

Get high email delivery rate on tier ESPs with MAAWG, CSA, ISPA, ECO anti-spam certification.

Use multiple sender names

Easily change your company sender name for your different brands, add variations.

International time zone

Send the newsletters automatically according to the time zones of the countries to be sent.

Preview text

Preview text line is very important on email opening rates. Yo can define it easily.

Google Anlaytics

After sending campaigns, see the people who visit your website with the campaign name.

Leverage the AI

After the data in your account has been in place for a few months, send it mostly during the opening hours of the email.

Analytics & Reports

Handy dashboard

You can easily see your report data from your customizable dashboard widgets.

Real time reporting

You can follow the instant live report data from the system right after the email is sent.

Link click analysis

See who clicked the most clicked links and download them as CSV with one click.

Unlimited emailing history

You can see all of your email campaign reports in the emailing archive.

Unsubscribe feedbacks

Unsubscribers give feedback with the multiple choice option offered by the system.

Device reporting

See which devices and systems the people who read your email campaigns use the most.

Click heat map

Examine the click analysis of the link areas on the email template on the colored visual map.

In-built reply inbox

You can see the people who replied to your emails in the built-in inbox section of the panel.

Contact profiles

Get all the statistics of the people in the system down to the finest detail.


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