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Create your email marketing campaigns easily and quickly with MailGraf’s Drag & Drop Editor. This user-friendly tool allows you to create stunning and effective email templates even with zero technical knowledge. Just drag, drop and design emails that perfectly reflect your brand’s voice in minutes.

Drag&Drop editor

Ready-made email templates offer excellent and impressive designs for all kinds of campaigns. With easy-to-use and fully customisable features, these templates allow you to create eye-catching and effective emails every time. Save time and deliver your message powerfully to your target audience.

File manager

File Manager allows you to easily organise and store all your media files in one place. This feature allows you to quickly find and use the necessary images and documents for your campaigns, maximising your productivity. Achieve impressive results by using the right files in your email designs smoothly and quickly.

Mobile ready

Make your e-mail campaigns look flawless on any device. In this way, you can effectively reach all your recipients, including mobile users, who make up a large part of your target audience. Now, you can increase your engagement and conversion rates by providing an excellent user experience on every device, from smartphones to tablets and laptops.

With our Drag&Drop editor,
It's easy to design

Create professional-looking email campaigns

pratik email tasarım blokları

Easy design blocks

Save your most frequently used logos, buttons, content texts, etc. as ready-made blocks and always use them easily.

light and dark mode email tasarımı

Dark & Light mode

Customise your designs for devices that prefer Dark and Light mode. It is a super useful feature.

mobil uyumlu email tasarımı

Responsive design

Create content for every device screen and test your email before sending it.

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Spam trouble-free email marketing

MailGraf email marketing software is the perfect solution for sending bulk mail to your customers without spam. You can easily add and manage your member list and send remarkable emails with just a few clicks. MailGraf also includes powerful spam filtering tools to prevent your messages from being marked as spam.

Single email design, different customer segments

Create different user experiences with a single email design. With the advanced segmentation tools in our system, you can deliver personalised email content based on various criteria such as device type, preferences or behaviours. Automatically adjust dynamic content according to users’ interests and increase your engagement rates by providing a tailored experience for each recipient.

How to design successful newsletters?

Images and logos should have enough resolutions.

The width of the newsletter designs should be between 600 px and 700 px generally.

The texts in the newsletter should be large enough to be read easily from any device. Line spacing is also important.

All newsletter content must include your company’s logo and also corporate informations for corporate image.

The entire message should not be compressed into a newsletter. A simple and fresh email should be created, and the most important information of the message should be given on the landing page or website.

The “Alt text, alternative text” information should be given for all images in the content of the newsletter.

An “unsubscribe” link must be added to all newsletters.

An “Online view” rescue link must be added to all emails. Usually add to top of the emails for UI.

The design quality of the newsletter is very important for high sales and conversion rates. According to some studies, click-through and sales rates are high after sent with high quality newsletters.

professional email newsletter design examples

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