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mailgraf email marketing tool

email delivery.

Emails sent from certified IPs reach your customers without any problems.

customer support.

Receive fast and professional assistance for your technical support and consultancy needs.

newsletter design.

Easily create eye-catching emails with the Drag & Drop newsletter design editor.

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Spam trouble-free email marketing

MailGraf email marketing software is the perfect solution for sending bulk mail to your customers without spam. You can easily add and manage your member list and send remarkable emails with just a few clicks. MailGraf also includes powerful spam filtering tools to prevent your messages from being marked as spam.

Grow your business with email marketing done right

Grow your target audience with easy-to-use tools, design beautiful email content, send personalised bulk mail and get reports.

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Contact Management

Unlimited contact storage

Subscribers lists are very important. Segment your contacts by the details you want. Create multiple subscribers lists. Easily remove bounced email addresses from your list. See all the details of the people who read the emails while they are in the list.

Contact and lists management in email marketing
Newsletter Design

Great email design = Sales!

The key to high conversions in email marketing is captivating email design. Campaign emails sent through MailGraf meet the current industry standards. You can create stunning emails with the drag and drop editor.

Mobile responsive newsletter design in email marketing
Analytics & Reports

Statistics at your fingertips

If you want to measure your brand’s impact, you need to look at more than aggregate numbers. Who is interested in your content? Who is buying? How can you convert potential customers into customers? MailGraf lets you see the real people behind the numbers.

Email campaign report and analytics in email marketing
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